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Formostar Body Wrap System for Body Reshaping

Formostar body wrap is a natural noninvasive infrared light treatment that reduce body fat, eliminate stored toxins, and improve the body's metabolism, resulting in tighter, smoother skin and a simplified form without sacrificing your curve.


Formostar body wrap is designed to reduce fat and help lose weight, eliminate cellulite, expected to rejuvenate skin and body detoxification. This body wrap system is proven to burn up to 1400 calories in one session alone!


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Formostar body wrap system is not just for weight loss or fat reduction but also for anyone who is experiencing muscle or joint pain. This will help anyone with rheumatoid arthritis pain, fibromyalgia, or want to build muscle tone, relieve pain or chronic fatigue. In fact, it was reported that people were slightly injured or simple want to solve a physical pain.


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Formostar Body Wrap System for Muscle and Joint Pain

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What Can My Hair Show?

The Information In Your Hair

Priority Concerns




By scanning your hair, a multiple page report will be generated. The hair scan report will show concerns listed in ranking. From the greatest concern (a priority) down to the lesser (advisory) concerns.

Your hair scan can show common factors that can have a huge effect on and affect your everyday wellness which includes almost all environmental influences.

Few test indicators will be evaluated to show results on your hair scan including mold and spores. Also, parasites, bacteria, and virus are additional indicators which can provide additional information regarding your scan.

It would be amazing to know that your hair scan can show your computer or electronic device usage. Common indicators such as radiation from the sun or electronic devices will be measured and will reflect on your hair scan report.

What Is In My Hair?

The Information In Your Hair

Vitamins & Minerals


Amino Acids

23 major groups of antioxidants including Vitamins and Minerals.

Including but not limited to: grains, fruits, oils, etc. 115 Food Restrictions &

Food Additives.

23 major groups including selenium and anthologists.

Stress & Environment

Sensitivities & Toxins


Including but not limited to: fungus, virus, mold, bacteria, etc.

Indicators which may be produced by radiation, electromagnetic fields, etc.

Electrical Home and work influences.

You will receive an audio file from our naturopath Dr. Whimsey. You will be able to overview your 34 page with Dr. Whimsey when listening to your audio analysis. Call for additional Information.

Medical Audio Overview


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