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Formostar Infrared system

Weight Loss Related Benefits of Formostar:


The Formostar can help with cellulite and especially when it is used in conjunctions with treatments that are specifically targeted at Cellulite (e.g. Endermologie, VelaSmooth & G6). We do not specifically position the Formostar as a cellulite treatment - rather, we say that it may help with cellulite and it appears to be the best solution to preparing clients for specifically targeted cellulite treatments, especially people carrying significant weight or body fluid. With respect to cellulite, we have had reports from customers that the Formostar has helped reduce cellulite. In the German case study it did mention that thermal therapy has been found to be successful with "cellulitis".

Here's your chance to burn up to 1400 calories in just one 50-minute session! The inch loss from our infrared treatments is permanent, unlike many of the generic body wraps you may have used.

Unwind and relax with our body wraps designed to detox and tone your body. Call us today to learn more about our sessions.


Centimeter loss:

You need heat to breakdown fat. You either create the heat yourself, normally through exercise, or in the case of the Formostar the heat is put in passively. Due to the penetration of far infrared rays the Formostar can get into the fat layers. We use the analogy of the butter in the frypan - if it's large and hard-packed it takes longer to melt, if it's a small sliver, it's a lot faster. Fats are released predominantly in the lymphatic system - the waste disposal system that runs through all the body. Fat released cannot be absorbed by other fat cells until it has been through the liver and as such, until it has been transported to the blood. This is a gradual process and depends mostly on circulation in the lymphatic system and levels of enzymes to break down the fats to transportable parts. After the fat is in the blood it will partly be used for energy by muscles, cells or organs (predominantly liver). It can also be expelled through stool and the remainder absorbed into remaining fat cells. The level of re-absorption depends on how much of the fat is used for energy or expelled. There will always be a certain amount of usage so the fat released is very unlikely to be redistributed in its entirety. One can, however, affect the rate at which the fat is used for energy and reduce the rate of re-absorption. If people load carbohydrates in excess of energy requirements, they will be stored as fat, so if people want to achieve maximum benefit from the metabolized fat, they should keep their intake down. If people hydrate they can also help flush the wastes through their system. Most people don't realize that In order to lose 12 kilo fat you need to either expend 3500 calories or decrease intake by 3500 calories. Based on the results from the clinical study and results from a large number of customers, the minimum we would expect someone to lose in three wraps is 12 a kilo. If they don't, they may need to keep a food diary.

People generally experience centimeter results before loss on the scales which makes sense, based on the above equation. In addition, the more excess fat a person carries, generally the more excess fluid and wastes they carry. The sweating process and the breaking down of the wastes and fats decrease the content size of the cells, providing centimeter loss. As hydrating is an important part of the Formostar process, fluid loss is over and above what is required for the healthy functions of the body.

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Fat loss:

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Stress Management:

One of the most immediate benefits your clients will experience when undergoing an infrared body wrap treatment is simple relaxation. Within a few short minutes, the encore treatment will melt away the stresses and tensions of everyday life. The soothing warmth of the infrared heat provides an overall feeling of wellbeing...calming jangled nerves and knotted muscles.


The encore system is designed with several stress reduction features.


Penetrating infrared heat


In fact, client claims of complete relaxation, rejuvenation for physical restoration consistently reported...many clients even fall asleep during the treatment session.

Pain Relief:

For centuries, healthcare providers have used topical heat to relieve minor aches and pains in addition to chronic inflammatory illnesses. New clinical research has found that heat activates complex neurological, vascular, and metabolic mechanism to mediate the transmission of pain signals and effectively provide relief for a variety of conditions.


Infrared heat is known to produce outstanding results for:

  • Back and neck pain

  • Arthritis

  • Muscular stiffness

  • Poor blood circulation

  • Post exercise pain

  • Menstrual cramping

  • Sciatica